List of proverbs

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Note:  This is a work in progress. There are more proverbs coming, and not all proverbs on the list have active links yet.  

Vietnam:  When one horse is sick, the other horses don't eat grass

Puerto Rico:  Noone knows what's in the pot but the one who's stirring it.

Morocco:  The camel can't see his own hump; he can only see the hump of his brother

Czech Republic:  Where the wind blows, goes the coat.

Turkey:  Fire burns where it falls.

Colombia:  The fish dies from its head.

China:  Water not only floats a boat; it also sinks it.

Haiti:  The rock in the water doesn't know the pain of the rock in the sun.

Syria:  Stretch your legs as far as your rug allows.

Greece:  The fish smells rotten from the head first.

English proverb:  If the hat fits, wear it.

Interactive proverb:  Every cloud has a silver lining.

Brazil:  When soft water hits a hard rock for a long time, it makes a hole.  

Spanish proverb:  The shrimp that sleeps is carried away by the current.

Colombia:  Papaya served; papaya eaten

Italian (Neapolitan) proverb:  Washing the donkey's head wastes water and soap

India:  A drowning person can be saved by the smallest stick.

Russia:  Work is not a wolf; it won't run away into the forest

Kuwait:  If the dog has what you need, say 'hi doggy.'

China:  You learn more travelling 10,000 miles than reading 10,000 books.

Japan:  The stake that sticks up gets hammered down.

Philippines:  If someone throws a rock at you, throw back bread.

Dominican Republic:  Slowly and calmly a donkey climbs a palm tree.

France:  He who steals an egg steals an ox.

Colombia:  If you hang out with wolves you will learn to howl.

South Korea:  The word can move 1000 miles without feet.

Belarus:  Eggs cannot teach the chicken.

Mongolia:  A man falls seven times and rises eight times.



China:  It's not too late to fix the sheepfold if only one sheep is dead.

Jordan:  Your tongue is your horse; if you look after it, it protects you; if you ignore it, it insults you.  

More coming .......

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