About this blog

Here you will find a collection of proverbs from around the world, together with an explanation of their meanings. Most of the proverbs on this blog were shared by Valencia College east campus EAP students between 2004 and 2012.  

The proverbs don't always mean what you might expect, but they do express the values and belief systems of the culture they are from.  Therefore, they invite us to challenge our assumptions and consider different interpretations of situations.  

Warning:  Radical shifts of perspective may occur!

The proverbs often refer to animals and objects that are familiar in a culture (for example, camels in Morocco, wolves in Russia, donkeys and palm trees in the Dominican Republic).  

There are activities to go with each proverb that help build intercultural awareness.  These activities are customized for the audience (for example, students, faculty, business travelers, tourists, etc.)  Not everything is on the blog, so contact me if you would like to know more!

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